Dante room

The Dante room is located on the second floor of the area dedicated to “Firenze”; it has a two single beds which can easily be used as a double and a single and a bed-sofa.



It is one of the farmhouse rooms that forms part of the building consisting of the apartment that takes the name of the town of Florence.

The room could only take the name of Dante Alighieri. You can almost see him, during his exile from the partisan corruption, hatred and selfishness, when he stood up to lead men in the rediscovery of truth and peace and started to write ‘The Divine Comedy’.

Dante Alighieri (Florence from May 14th to June 13th 1265 – Ravenna September 14th 1321), a poet, writer and Florentine politician, is considered the first great poet of the Italian language and hence is simply known as the “Supreme Poet”.
His masterpiece, ’The Divine Comedy’ (originally “The Comedy” until Boccaccio added the adjective “Divine” to its title), is regarded as one of the finest works of Italian, if not world, literature.
“… Poetry (and humanity in general) is used by Dante to examine his own condition; it is the finest means of understanding mankind”.



In common with all other rooms, there is a satellite plasma TV, small fridge, tea- and coffee-making facilities and private bathroom.
Fattoria LAB bedrooms have all-wood window frames and doors.